To see

During a holiday in South Tyrol is guaranteed not to be bored, because they are so many things to discover! In addition to numerous castles, churches and museums, many other attractions worth a visit and we are sure will leave indelible memories in your mind and in your heart. Natural sites, historical buildings and modern attractions, the South Tyrol offers truly something for everyone! How about, for example, a quiet and beautiful walk through the spa town of Meran, or a trip to the romantic gardens of Trauttmansdorff? Many places and special attractions await you in Burggrafenamt and, of course, in the country of Dorf Tirol. Visit, for example, the medieval castle of Dorf Tirol Castle above the village, or the Brunnenburg Castle or the Bird Care Centre of Dorf Tirol!

We hope you enjoyed yourself so much during all your adventures!